Mrs Mary Mackay

Society Awards

2004 - Royal Society for Asian Affairs Special Award

In recognition of her active loyalty as a member of the Society and her generosity to the Library and Archives of the Society.

Mrs Mackay's donations to the Library are particularly valued and noteworthy because they relate to British experience in Central Asia during the late nineteenth century and first decade of the twentieth century, overlapping the period when this Society was founded and developed as the Central Asian Society. Her loyalty to the Society has been demonstrated by regular attendance at meetings to which she travelled from Northumberland. She also took part in travel by members of the Society to Iraq in 1978, to Kashgar in North-West China in 1990 and to Uzbekistan in 1994. From the visit to Kashgar, she contributed a number of outstanding photographs to the Society’s Archives.

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Forthcoming Events

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Wed 14 May Japan's Opportunities and Challenges in N E Asia at The Royal Astronomical Society
Wed 21 May The RSAA's India Collection at The RSAA Library


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