Past RSAA/SOAS Schools Meetings

November 2012

  • Mark Tokola (Minister Counelor for Political Affairs at the American Embassy) - "Asia and America"
  • Lik Suen of SOAS - Mandarin "taster"
  • Professor Jon Sidel - "Indonesia and Islam"
  • Natalia Lechmanova - "Asia in a generation: economic transformation and the 'supercycle'"
  • Lou Connelly - "Serving in Afghanistan"
  • Phuntsog Wangyal - "Tibet Today" 

November 2011

  • Lord Mervyn Davies - "The Economics of Asia"
  • Asian language “tasters”; a brief practical introduction to Chinese, Hindi and Arabic with SOAS staff
  • Dr. Nibal Bouresli - The UK and Kuwait: What ties us?"
  • John Hare - "The Survival of the Bactrian Camel"
  • James Willsher – “The Asian Diaspora in the U.K.”
  • James Fergusson - "The Taliban, the unknown enemy".

November 2010

  • Mr. K Okinawa; Director of the Japanese Embassy's Information and Cultural Centre - "Japan & Research & Development"
  • Language Tasters; various lecturers at SOAS Arabic, Khmer & Burmese, & Mandarin
  • Oliver Bullough; former Reuters' Correspondent in Moscow, author - "The Caucasus - Is Peace Possible"
  • Daniel Metcalfe; author "Lost Peoples' of Central Asia"
  • Sir David John; Chairman RSAA, vice Chairman UK Trade & Investment - "Trade & the shift of economic power to Asia"

November 2009

  • Sir David John; Chairman RSAA, vice Chairman UK Trade & Investment - "Trade & the shift of economic power to Asia"
  • Language Tasters; various lecturers at SOAS Arabic, Khmer & Burmese, & Mandarin
  • Prof. Michael Hutt; Dean of Languages & Culture SOAS - "Why learn about Asia?"
  • Dr. Anne Farrer; Director Sotheby's M.A. course on Eastern Art, ex- British Museum - "Aurel Stein, Central Asian Explorer"
  • Warren Leaming; HSBC Financial Services - "Business in Asia"
  • Angus McDowall; Journalist & Correspondent Middle East Economic Digest - "Iran - Good, Bad or ugly?"

December 2008

  • Mr. Sergay Andriashin; First Secretary, Embassy of the Russian Federation "Russia in Asia"
  • Language Tasters; various lecturers at SOAS Arabic, Hindi & Mandarin
  • Prof. Charles Melville; Professor of Persian History, Cambridge - "Iran Past & Present"
  • Robert Gifford; American National Public Radio Correspondent China "China after the Olympics"
  • Kevin Lui - "Why work in Asia?"
  • Paul Burton; International Council on Security & Development - "Drugs & Security in Afghanistan"

December 2007

  • Dr. Cho; Ambassador of the Republic of Korea - "South Korea & it's Achievements"
  • Language Tasters; various lecturers at SOAS: Arabic, Hindi & Mandarin
  • Panel Discussion: "Tibet":
    • Robert Ford: "Tibet before Communism"
    • Aidan Harris: "Tibet- where is it now?"
  • Oliver Miles; retired diplomat - "Islam, the Middle East & Radical Politics"
  • Jason Ellliot; author "Why is Iran as it is now?"

November 2006

  • His Excellency Kamalesh Sharma; Indian High Commissioner - "India & Global Challenges"
  • Panel Discussion: "China & India" prospects for the next 25 years:
    • John Giddings, East Asian specialist at the Guardian
    • Dr. Vandana Desai, Royal Holloway College
  • Language Tasters; various lecturers at SOAS:Arabic, Thai, Hindi, Mandarin & Japanese
  • Panel Discussion: "Illegal small arms, the drug trade, human trafficking"
    • Dr. Chris Smith, Chatham House; Small arms in Sri Lanka
    • Klara Skrivankova, Anti-Slavery International; Trafficking in People
    • Fabrice Pothier, SENLIS Council; Drugs & Afghanistan
  • Mr. David Azzoprdi; SOAS - "Ethical issues in Buddhism - abortion"
  • Mr. John Hare; Explorer, camel specialist - "Exploring in Asia: The Secrets of Lop Nur, Xinjiang, North West China"

December 2005

  • Dr. Susan Whitfield; Director International Dunhuang project - "Travelers on the Silk Road"
  • Panel Discussion: "Israel/Palestine"
    • Robin Kealy; retired Counsel-General in Jerusalem
    • Dr. Colin Schindler; Lecturer in Israeli and Jewish Studies at SOAS
  • Kush Varia; Birkbeck College - "Bollywood"
  • Language Tasters; various lecturers at SOAS; Arabic, Thai, Korean, Mandarin & Japanese
  • John Bunney; retired diplomat, adviser to the IAEA - "Nuclear Issues in Asia"
  • Dr. Jim Hoare, ex- ambassador to North Korea - "North Korea & nuclear power"
  • Jerry Ngo, Head of Community Partnerships S.C.B. - "Business in Asia & corporate social resposibilities"
  • Mr. Xu Fei Hong, Counsellor in the Chinese Embassy - "China in Asia"

March 2004

  • Her Excellency Dr Maleeha Lodhi; High Commissioner for Pakistan - "An Asian view of the West"
  • Sarah Hiddleston; Student Partnership Worldwide - "Educational and environmental schemes in Asia"
  • Panel discussion: "Iraq and Afghanistan: intervention or invasion?" 
    • Dr Zahir Tanin; BBC World Service Afghan Service
    • Dr. Mustafa Alani; Royal United Services Institute
    • Raja Jarrah; CARE International
  • Tony Hope; Chairman HSBC Insurance - "Multi-Nationals in China"
  • Dr. Susan Whitfield; Director International Dunhuang project - "Exploring the Silk Road"

Images of Asia

Forthcoming Events

Wed 24 Sep Why Kashmir is Still Important at The Royal Astronomical Society
Wed 1 Oct Experiences of Asia at The Royal Astronomical Society
Tue 7 Oct K2: The Italian Mountain? at The RSAA Library
Wed 15 Oct The Great Game: Central Asia Overland at St Peter's Church Parish Hall


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Recent Recordings

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